What A Drag Lab Report

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REFLECTIONS FOR LAB 4- FRICTION The lab 4.1 “What a Drag” was mainly about how friction affects most of our everyday things that people do or use . The “What a Drag” lab shows how friction can pull a block over 5 different surfaces. The different surfaces for each block has a different weight . On the Other hand, each of the surface area has a different surface but each blocks are the same. 4.1 “What a Drag” lab tested 5 different surface areas; Tabletop, Waxed paper, Paper towel, Fine sandpaper,and Coarse sandpaper. These 5 different surface areas caused the weight to appear different . The data shows that it increases each time you do it again. Each time you pull the block over the 5 different surfaces it can increase or decrease. Weight
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