What A Genogram Is More Than A Family Tree

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A genogram is more than a family tree. It is a visual interpretation of a family and their relationships. A genogram says a lot about a family. It uses symbols to describe the relationships between family members. One can use a genogram to tell the dynamics of a family. Sometimes, there are patterns that are passed down generation to generation. The purpose of this paper is to go into more detail about what a genogram is and what it means. Also, I have provided a genogram of my family on the last page. I will spend most of the time talking about my family and what our genogram means. Different people in my family have different relationships with one another. There are several characteristics I see that have been passed down.

Genograms Genograms provide one way to envision intergenerational transmissions. A genogram is a multigenerational family tree that depicts familial relationships visually. It records information about social relationships and biological and psychological issues in the family across three or more generations” (Galvin, Bylund & Grill, 2010). There are different symbols that mean different things in a relationship. Men are represented by squares and women are represented by circles. Three lines means that there is a close relationship, a dotted line means the the relationship is distant, and a zigzag line means the relationship is conflictual. “The power of multigenerational transmission is part of a puzzle that is unfolding”…
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