What A Happy And Healthy Life

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There is no definite explanation for what a happy and healthy life consists of. It is possible to construct a list of qualities that one desires for a “good” life, though many may come from a bad source. Profound philosophers Jean Kazez and Chris Heathwood develop both subjective and objective theories to help define the true meaning of a substantial life. Jean Kazez is responsible for the objective view of well being, where life requires fundamental goods or necessities for a good life. On the other hand, Chris Heathwood explains in a subjective view that satisfying your desires will promote well being. In the movie D’Jango Unchained, two African American men, Stephen and D’Jango, experience contrasting lifestyles and confront each other eventually. During the time period the movie transpires in, it is extremely rare for a African American man to have a “good” life. Most African Americans are slaves, but both Stephen and D’Jango have better lives. Stephen has a bad quality of life, and D’Jango aspires to live a “good” life based on the objective and subjective views of well being. Based on an objective view, Stephen, Candieland’s head house slave, did not have a “good” life. As an objectivist, Jean Kazez believes that happiness, autonomy, “self-expression”, morality, and progress growth are the five necessities for well being. During the film, Stephen is first introduced when D’Jango and Dr. King Schultz arrive at the plantation seeking D’Jango’s wife, Broomhilda. Of all
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