What A Lot Of People Do Not Know

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What a lot of people do not know is that a lot of famous literary pieces that readers find so relatable were actually based off of instances in the author’s own lives. A lot of times authors will take experiences from their personal lives and incorporate them into their work. Although the characters are fictional, the events that happen and the feelings they experience are not. Rather, the stories are based off something traumatic that has happened to the author, and the writer is also making up characters that secretly parallel people from his/her life. A lot of times authors “use fiction to tell the truth,” meaning that the characters and some events might be made up, but the themes, emotions, and outcomes are not. Authors like Edgar…show more content…
To begin, a better understanding of Poe’s work can be made possible by relating his work directly back to the events in his life. Some critics say that the central figure of a lot of literary works, however disguised, tends to be the image of the “romancer” himself. This indicates that a lot of well-known writers, including Poe, tend to parallel the protagonist to themselves. There are many events that have happened in Poe’s life that have had a significant impact on him and that have been exemplified through his writing. Poe led a troubled life, premiering when both of his parents died before he turned three, his mother dying of tuberculosis. After being adopted by a wealthy family, Poe studied at the University of Virginia. His adoptive father refused to pay his bills, which resulted in Poe being removed from the institution. Within a few years, Poe’s adopted mother died of tuberculosis as well, and Poe eventually married his thirteen year old cousin, Virginia. She coincidentally acquired tuberculosis and died as well. After the three most important women of his life died, Poe began to drink heavily, forming an alcohol addiction. From this small summary of Poe’s life, it is clear that he has suffered many devastations that are hard to deal with. Following these troubling
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