What A Record Label Is It Still Relevant Today And The Structure Of A Records

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Introduction: Within this report, you shall find what a record label is, is it still relevant today and the structure of a record label. What is a record company/ label? According to Heather Mcdonald on http://musicians.about.com/, "Record labels are companies that manufacture and distribute recorded music and promote that music (or at least hire people to handle the promotion). There are two kinds of record labels; independent (indie labels) and major labels (aka big four labels). Indie record labels are independent companies that do not have a corporate backer. Major labels are large corporations often owned by a parent company, like Sony." Are record labels still revelant to the music industry? After some research, the…show more content…
Art Department: In this Department, they help create and assist with the creation of any cover art for albums, advertisements and displays in stores. Business Affairs: This department looks after the business side of the recording label. This entails the book keeping, general finances and payroll. Legal Department: This is a group of, usually, lawers that look after the legal issues, if there is a lawsuit, it would go through this department. They also look after contracts between the artist and the record company, as well as the label 's contracts between themselves and other companies. Digital and New Media: A newer addition to the company; they look after the artists social media accounts that are online for promotional reasons but also help with music videos and videos that need to be online. Promotions Department: Their main purpose is to make sure that the artists material is getting air time on the radio.They may also try and get any music videos to be played on specific music channels. Publicity: Purely designed to promote and establish the new artist. They try and organize newspaper article, TV and radio appearances. Sales: Sales usually coordinate with promotions and publicity but more of the retail side. They make sure that the talents music are in the store and on the shelves selling. How Record Labels Work Major Vs Indie: The Pros and Cons Pro 's:

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