What A Star What A Jerk Case Analysis

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IBO Assignment: Case Study 1

What A Star – What A Jerk
By Sarah Cliffe

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The Case study is an email conversation between two colleagues Jane Epstein & Rick Lazarus. Jane has joined Technico recently and Rick was her colleague and trusted friend from the last company. Jane is discussing with Rick about the new current company and the staff she got there. She individually described the personalities of her staff like Caroline as universally trusted (according to her), Tom as a joker and a
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As Andy continuously bullies employs they get demoralised and were unable to give their 100% to their work because of his fear and negative critics.
Caroline despite of being a good worker, needs to be more professional. She needs to differentiate between her professional and personal life, and must prioritize her personal issues so that that they don’t affect her work and professional commitments (work –life balance).
Work culture is being affected I a negative way, due to Andy s discouraging attitude, whenever somebody doesn’t performs, he is pissed off,
One needs to work as a team –work attitude, bullying and dominating are restraints to growth and team –work.
Team morale is going down. As the only feedback the get from Andy is negative
Andy is not praising any of the efforts the team is putting in but is sure to highlight the glitches that are coming across the project because of them.
The staff members do not know the importance of working in a diverse team and adjust within the team.
Plausible solutions:
1 Have a second briefing with Andy and ask him to mellow down a little bit with the staff. Try to talk him out that the staff will cooperate more with him, only if he is a little adjusting and open with them and doesn’t humiliate them in front of others. People go through grey patch and as their senior, he should consider the emotional stance of his staff and try to make them comfortable, so that the
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