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Introduction Your first thought when seeing the title of this book is to ask what a stealth gambling system is. This refers to winning money in a casino without drawing too much attention to yourself. I first began developing an approach to casino gambling after many losing trips to Las Vegas from my home in California. In fact, I don 't remember having a single winning trip. After one too many losing excursions to the gambling Mecca, I began to become curious about which games I was losing the most money at, and which games I was losing the fewest dollars playing. On my next trip to Las Vegas, I took a notebook with me. Regardless of the game I played, and regardless of how much money I won or lost, I wrote it down. I wrote down the…show more content…
I would cash out with both coins and chips. I didn 't always have as much as I started with, but I was setting limits on my losses without even realizing it. Without being aware of it, I was also setting limits on the time I spent gambling. I remembered there were moments I getting bored with a certain game, so I would cash in, write down the information and then went in search of something fun to do. To sum up, there were three important things that happened to me when I started recording my casino play: 1. I slowed down, and stop throwing money around the casino 2. I realized several smaller winnings that made up for smaller losses. I wasn 't attempting to win a big jackpot. 3. I limited my time playing any game too long, so the casino was no longer grinding away at my money. There were no marathon slot machine sessions, or too many rolls of the dice or spins of the roulette wheel. With these three principles, I began developing systems that would give me my best chance at winning, but only systems that would bring small or medium sized winnings; amounts that do not attract a lot of attention. If the amount of money I could potentially win with one of these systems was going to turn a lot of heads in a casino or result in getting my picture taken, or triggering an IRS form to sign, then the system was not for me. I was looking for small or medium sized wins over a short period of time. Hit and run, so to speak, or

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