What A Stereotypical Dance World !

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What a Stereotypical Dance World! There are many different “worlds” on this planet we live on called Earth. Everyone alive lives in some kind of little “world” of their own. There is the celebrity world, the “Disney” World, “Wally-world”, lots of different sports worlds, scholastic worlds, and so many others. There is a particular world that some live in, and that is the World of Dance. When you are a part of that world, you literally live and breathe it. Every aspect of the dance culture is wrapped up in that world. To those looking in from the outside it is beautiful, filled with lights, lovely costumes, mesmerizing music, and graceful movements.
Perhaps the very first image the general public would see in their mind’s eye, upon hearing the word “dancer”, is that of a darling little five year old girl in a pretty pink tutu and delicate ballet slippers stepping into her local dance studio for the first time. Take someone a little deeper into that thought, and they might see an overly thin, pale sixteen year old young woman, with collarbones and ribs showing working herself almost to death to earn a minor part in a dance chorus. Suggest that someone describe a dancer in the height of their career, and you might hear of a Prima Ballerina with the Moscow Ballet. Ask someone to visualize a dancer in later years, and they might picture an older woman with a greying bun atop her head, leading a class or perhaps helping younger dancer perfect a performance, who is likely ailing…
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