What A Truly Good Person Muhammad

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after birth leaving Khadija and Muhammad with four daughters (Stewart, 36). Muhammad and Khadija took in Jafar and Ali sons of Abu Talib (Stewart, 36). In order to understand what a truly good person Muhammad was the reader must know the true depth of his humanity and benevolence as evidenced by the following text. Zayd Ibn was a slave who was given as a gift to Muhammad (Stewart, 37). After Zayd Ibn came to Muhammad’s home the boy’s biological father located him and asked Muhammad to let the boy return to his home (Stewart, 37). Zayd Ibn rejected his father’s wish and asked to stay with Muhammad’s family because he loved it there (Stewart, 37). Muhammad was so pleased by Zayd Ibn’s admiration for his family that he freed the boy from slavery and formally adopted him (Stewart, 37). Muhammad had also freed his slave Baraka and even arranged a marriage for her (Stewart, 37). After the death of Baraka’s husband she returned to Muhammad (Stewart, 37). Muhammad and his large family welcomed Baraka into their family (Stewart, 37). Earlier the preceding text discussed the mistreatment of slaves by the rich in Mecca. Muhammad’s kindness is evident in the fact that his freed slaves wanted to remain in his household. Muhammad often sought out solitude in the hills of Mecca. During the month of Ramadan Muhammad would sometimes spend all of the days and nights in the peaceful solitude of the hills (Stewart, 39). It was on Mount Hira in Mecca that Muhammad experienced a

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