What Activity Does You Attend And Why Did You Select This Event?

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What activity did you attend and why did you select this event?
I attended a Veteran’s Forum sponsored by Congressman Ted Yoho, DMV. The forum was an event to allow veterans to come and voice their concerns about any issues they were having with the V.A. Congressman Yoho started the forum explaining that he is always looking for what can be done better for the 123,000 veterans in his district. Some of the issues he was interested in were: death benefits, property tax exemption, and the GI Bill. I chose this event because my husband is currently an active duty reservist and was interested in the services that are available to servicemen and women.
The forum was attended by several veteran organizations and their department heads which included: Vets Helping Vets (Hank Witter), Marion County Veteran Services (Jeff Askew), and Dr. Mark Knapp from the local VA clinic, and Phillip Han, provider network manager from Health Net. Throughout the forum, each of these representatives was able to discuss the issues that came up during the event.
Some of the issues that the veterans brought up during the forum were not being able to get an appointment with the VA in less than a month, the veterans wanted to be able to get their prescriptions filled in private pharmacies, their appointments being canceled by the V.A. without being told, and the forty mile standard for getting health care (The Choice Act.) One gentleman drove almost two hours to get to the forum to express…
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