What Affects Child Obesity? Essay

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What Impacts Child Obesity?

Child obesity is fast growing epidemic throughout the United States, and is becoming a major health concern for the children of today’s society. A child with a BMI (body mass index) greater than 95 percent is considered obese; however, if a child has a BMI of 85, but still less than 95, they are only considered overweight. Since the 1960’s, the prevalence of child obesity has tripled beyond its original percentage. Many factors can influence a child becoming obese, and can start while the child is carried inside the mother. Other examples include genetics, parental influence, maternal relations, marital disruption, stress, sexual abuse, poverty, and low household incomes (Kral). Through a great amount of research conducted, researchers are continuously aiming to demonstrate factors in which child obesity can be impacted by; in addition to the means that can be used to limit its effects. Child obesity can originate very early in life, causing a child to be more susceptible to a greater fat period; therefore, child obesity can be anticipated during the parental period, infancy, and young to mid-childhood. For example, the amount a pregnant mother eats can be impacted by over/under nutrition during the pregnancy. The prenatal period is crucial for a child’s development, and will influence the body’s size, metabolic system, composition, and endocrine system. A pregnant person who eats a wide spread amount of foods, especially those
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