What Affects Our Self Concept?

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What affects our self-concept? A self-concept is our perception of who we are, it’s the core of our existence. A self-concept can be anything about us that stands out in our mind, our ideas about every facet of our selves. Our hope in our future is shaped by our environment but who we can become is a part of our concept, our personal traits are a part of our concept. We want to know if we have a purpose in life and if we are sure that we do what is it? Our self-concept is also how we define ourselves, it’s why we live, it’s our friends and family, it’s our dreams, it’s our past, it’s constantly being shaped and reshaped, our self-concept is as fluid as a river and who we were yesterday is not who we are today or who we will be tomorrow. Our self-concept can also include our physical attributes, the things we have, and who we compare ourselves to. “Individuals’ self-concepts include their sense of who and what they are and are multifaceted entities that encompass the traits, physical attributes, material possessions, beliefs, and goals that individuals use to characterize themselves (Parent, Talley, Schwartz, & Hancock, 2015).” Self-concept is affected by many things; stigmas, culture, group dynamics, openness, mood, and experiences. West, Vayshenker, Rotter, & Yanos (2015) said that a consequence of stigma is the direct effect it has on the stigmatized persons own thoughts, and their self-concept. They branched out from this simple idea to one a little more broad saying,

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