What Affects the Gender Make Up in the State Legislators and Does Gender Matter?

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What Affects The Gender Make Up In State Legislators And Does Gender Matter? Introduction Does the relationship between the percent of state legislators who are women influence the policies and laws that are passed in states? And, if so, what are the important areas that women exert greater influence over? Is it abortion laws? Religiosity? Unemployment rates? These are the questions that I will seek to answer throughout this research paper. Specifically, there will be two main objectives: whether or not certain attributes of a state constituency contribute negatively or positively in regards to the amount of seats held by women, and, if these attributes do impact in a positive or negative manner, how big of an impact, once elected, do these women exert power on a variety of issues. I believe that not only would it be interesting to find out whether or not certain variables determine a states legislature gender make up, but I think it is also important to know how big of an impact, if there is an impact at all, that women legislatures have across a variety of issues and how their views on these issues impact policy making decisions. We can use these variables to determine how to better help increase gender equality and representation in the long run, especially with how society has evolved in the last couple of decades alone. what President Barack Obama said is true during the 2014 state of the union address and that women are still making
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