What All Things Would You Rent?

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What all things would you rent? You might rent a house? A car? A suit? A boat? Vacation houses on the beach? All of these things could be paid for in full by the time you pay for the rent. For instance, if you have rented a dress for prom for $150 and the next year you decided to buy a dress that looked way better and was made better. The fabric was even better quality and it was $100. You can always look for better prices somewhere else, but I think you should rent-to-own things that you will be using a lot.
Jobs that use things repetitively are great examples of why you should rent-to-own. A DJ needs their own sound system for every show. Say the DJ bought a complete system for $2000. They could pay it off within 4 shows at $500 each show. If you rent a system for $400 and get paid $500 per show you only get $100 per show. Yes, you get to keep $100 a show while the other person doesn’t get any money, but if you have a show once a week. After a month the DJ who did a rent-to-own could have already paid for his system and now gets to keep the payment in full every show, but the one who is just renting the stereo every time, still only gets $100 and doesn’t get to keep the system.
You also need a system you can depend on, if you just buy a system depending on someone who said it was good. If you there is a no return policy you could be out however much money you just spent, if it has any kind of problem, or if it doesn’t work how you need it to. If you do a rent-to-own you
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