What And How An Overweight Woman Endures

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I Choose to be Fat is the story of what and how an overweight woman endures, learns, and essentially discovers about herself. She has to put up with constant judging and scrutiny from others, even when she is simply carrying out normal, everyday activities. Through all of this she does learn how to love herself and how to cope with struggles she faces. Laura Bogart has spent numerous years with several different doctors who all seemed to only been concerned about her weight. She would constantly be recommended that she should start a diet plan or even undergo surgery to eliminate fat from her body. “I am 23 years old and sitting in front of a doctor who is more interested in my chart than in resuming eye contact. He says something to me, but I don’t hear him over the bloodrush thumping between my ears. My last time on an exam table, a year or so earlier, a gynecologist as tiny and wizened as my Sicilian grandmother began extolling the virtues of bariatric surgery while I was in the stirrups.” (Bogart) Doctors continuously would only focus on her weight and how they wanted to control it. They would simply just look at the chart and not much past that which upset her because she saw herself as more than just a chart, she wished to be treated as more than a chart as well. At one point, a doctor brought in a treatment team specifically to help her lose weight and tell her the options she had. Another menacing struggle was her therapist who focused on her weight as well.
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