What And How Does It Affect Your Managerial Effectiveness?

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Executive Summary:
Responsibility is a part of life where humans react physically or psychologically to favorable and unfavorable conditions. The attitude of the individual at that instant defines how he/she would react to the challenges of daily life and repercussions of decisions made to overcome these challenges. Such decision are results of the one’s locus of control at that moment.
The types of Loci of control that affect me personally are high internal locus of control in turn driving me to assume responsibility in all cases. This affects both positively and negatively depending on the result.
To excel with the people, I work within my MBA eventually at my workplace and life , I must work on certain aspects of my personality which
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3.1. Most people don’t realize the extent to which accidental happenings control their lives.
3.2. There really is no such thing as luck.

What and How does it affect?
Research has found that an internal locus of control is not a universal solution for all management problems. Internal locus of control is not always a positive attribute. For example, individuals with an external locus of control have been found to be more inclined to initiate structure as leaders (to help clarify roles). Internals are less likely to comply with leader directions and are less accurate in processing feedback about successes and failures than are externals. Internals also have more difficulty arriving at decisions with serious consequences for someone else (Coleman et al., 1999; Wheeler & Davis, 1979). It is important to note that locus of control can shift over time, particularly as a function of the position held at work, and that external locus of control does not inhibit individuals from attaining positions of power and influence at the top of organizations. Hence, it does not matter what your internal and/or external score, you can be a successful manager in the right setting, or you can alter your locus of control. (Whetten & Cameron, 2016.)
The Locus of Control Scale in the Skill Assessment section helps you generate a score showing the extent to which you have an internal or external locus of
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