What And Where Is Theory

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What and Where is Theory According to Graham (2011) theories are essential to a healthy scientifically oriented study. Ravitch & Riggan (2012) suggest that theory describes the cause for the way things work and how relationships are identified and tested. Theory appears to be the map of the main elements that determine an outcome and the relationship between the causative factors. Graham (2011) describes the “why” of theory as identifying the influences and concepts, while considering “how” the elements in the theory are related. Theory expresses “why” the factors and associations merit relate in the larger context. Rudestam & Newton (2014) believe that “theories are premises to account for data or more informally explanations of how things work based on data” (p.7). The authors point out that theory is based on the relationships between concepts. The theory is what the researcher concludes is the resolution to the inquiry that their endeavor is tackling within their field. Theory creates how a researcher applies concepts to see if it fits to ensure the rest of the project runs smoothly. Graham (2011) suggests that theory will identify variables which will be useful in predicting the outcome relevant to a problem. The Many Levels of Theory: A Thought Experiment
Ravitch & Riggan (2012) suggest that theories can be causal and can also be interpretive. In the research that I have been proposing on marketing’s impact on enrollment it can be assumed that a direct marketing
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