What And Who Were The Sources For The Information That You Gathered?

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Knowledge of Student(2 pages) What and who were the sources for the information that you gathered? I gathered NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) standardized test reading scores for my students from the last 3 years. I gathered information about my students’ writing which was from grade level meetings, that I participated in, with colleagues to analyze my student writing to determine how well they were applying previously taught vocabulary words to write. I gathered information from notes that recorded the conversations that took place at these meetings regarding my students’ limited vocabulary use in their writing. I gathered information from observational rubrics I used to score students’ application of newly learned content…show more content…
I gathered student written inventories and held personal interviews and conversations with students and their families in order to help my students grow and mature in their vocabulary usage. This information told me they value who they are and what motivates them so I could design innovative practices and utilize proven methods of vocabulary instruction that promote learning for all my students. Why were those sources appropriate for the information you were collecting and the selected group of children? The NWEA was appropriate because it is a district mandate that assesses student content area vocabulary knowledge and indicates proficiency levels in vocabulary acquisition and usage. It is also appropriate because I have several years of data from the NWEA to follow and compare trends for each year for these students. Analyzing student writing was an appropriate way to gauge if my instruction in teaching students to implement newly learned vocabulary into their writing was successful because my students’ weakness identified as not using newly learned vocabulary in written responses or classroom conversations. Using data collected from observations of student conversations was appropriate as it told me whether or not my students understood the vocabulary I taught and were able to use it in everyday
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