What Approach Are Some Practical Difficulties That Might Arise With Such An Approach?

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b. What approach are some practical difficulties that might arise with such an approach? Ans: Password may be compromised in many ways such as: • Sometime users share their passwords with their friends, staff members. • Users may write their password on sticky notes and paste on the bottom of the keyboard or monitor screen. • Users usually use their husband name, child name, pet name as their password but by social engineering hacker could hack password easily. • Servers save password that may be compromised because data store on server in plain text and plain text could easily hacked by hacker. • Some users should not reuse old passwords as they may already compromised with password. • Some client devices and applications save the…show more content…
Integrity • A hospital patient’s allergy information is high integrity data a doctor should be able to trust that the info is correct and current. If a nurse deliberately falsifies the data, the database should be restored to a trusted basis and the falsified information traced back to the person who did it • There should not be any discrimination through the access to medical information no matters where the information and data is exists. Availability: • There should be take care of patients data about what data is relative to which patient. • Doctors or nurses should send appropriate medical detail to an appropriate patient. So no every patient 's medical data remain confidential. • Doctors also take care about that which data should be available to whom. In hospitals there are many different departments so every department have their private access on their department 's patients. b. Describe at least two kinds of people or situations that could threaten each property you name. Technical Threat  Confidentiality: – System Failure: Sometime newly designed systems got vulnerability which are not addressed by requirement, that situation place system at risk of compromise. That impact on data confidentiality purely. – Installation error: Sometime because of poor installation of software could leave data unprotected. For example : built-in security features of software packages are not implemented. These kind of patches let
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