What Are Age Groups And How Do They Help The Library? Essay

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What are age groups and how do they help the library? An age group is defined as a number or people or things that are the same age. The concept of age groups help librarians around the world by helping them identify books and movies that are appropriate for certain age groups. Common Sense Media is a website that helps everyone in the world do just that whether they are a librarian or not. This website not only helps find books and movies, they also help find games, websites, music, apps, and TV shows and direct you to the age groups that they and other people think is appropriate for different age groups. On this website, it seems that the movies and the books that the movies are based off have different age group assignments. There is also the problem that they rate some books of the same exact series differently. I believe that the books that are in the same exact series and the movies based on the books in those series should be put in the exact same age group as the first book in that series. The Divergent series by Veronica Roth is a good example of this. Every single one of the main books in this series were made into movies by Summit Entertainment. The Divergent Series follows the trials and tribulations of Beatrice Prior as she tries to bring people in separate factions together to live in peace and harmony. Common Sense Media puts the three main books (Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant) into the 13+ age group. With Four: A Divergent Collection, this
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