What Are Anime and Manga

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What are Anime and Manga?

Thesis Statement: Anime and Manga are getting a lot of attention around the world. But what is the relationship of Anime and Manga?

Outline: 1.0 Introduction 2.1 Definition of Anime and Manga 2.2 Brief History of Anime and Manga 2.0 The Father of Manga and Anime 3.0 Relation of Manga to Anime 4.0 Categories of Anime and Manga 5.0 Comparison 6.3 Anime and the American Animation 6.4 Manga and the American Comics 6.0 Conclusion 7.5 The future of Anime and Manga

The word “Anime” pronounced as (ah-knee-me) is popularly known as animation from Japan. Western countries pronounce it as (ah-knee-may) which ever you use they are both
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A popular young mangaka (comic artist) named Osamu Tezuka (Father of Anime) made a company to produce anime on television his company was called Mushi Productions. Mushi Production's premiere series was Tetsuwan Atom popularly known as Astro Boy missed out on being the first domestically-produced animated television show by only a few months. That honor fell to Otagi Manga Calendar or "Manga Stories Calendar," which featured short, historical cartoons ( O’Connell, 1992). Tetsuwan Atom was the first regular animated program on television in black-and-white. Based on Tezuka’s manga (comics ) series of the same name the story is about the adventures of a boy robot fighting crimes to protect his friends. The animation became popularly known worldwide. It gained more popularity when it was banned from the Philippines by the then president Marcos. Almost every adult here in the Philippines knows the anime Astro Boy. Tetsuwan Atom ran for 10 years.
Perhaps the most important factor in the creation of the modern manga and anime industry was the work of one artist, Osamu Tezuka. Tezuka was an aspiring animator but became a mangaka (comic artist) after World War II. He
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