What Are Bad Headshots

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Let's talk about bad headshots. We've all seen them and many of us have them. Some use their own selfies and others use cell phone images that friends and family have taken of them. I get it. It's easy, cheap, and quick. You fully intended to do something about it in the future, knowing a cell picture was not the image you wanted to present, but you just have not gotten around to having your headshots taken yet. Your intentions are good, but unfortunately, your potential clients aren't judging you on your intentions. They're judging you on your headshot, which can make or break you. So, what does all of this have to do with a dirty floor mat?
I was walking in the mall yesterday on my way to find something specific for a styled shoot, and I came upon a store which appeared to be the type of store where I might find the item.
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A filthy floor mat; frayed on all sides, and thoroughly worn. No joke, this mat was awful. It looked like someone salvaged it out of the city dump, and there it was, the only thing standing between me and the store. I was immediately disgusted that anyone would put that mat down at the entrance to their business. For one, I was at the mall and you KNOW how expensive the rent is at the mall. And two, this ugly mat was my greeting to their store; where they want me to spend my money, but unfortunately, a dirty, worn mat said a lot about the business and the person who owns it. I looked at my daughter and said, "this is not the type of store I want to spend my money in; LOOK at that mat!", and we
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