What Are Bipolar Disorder?

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The apparent increase in the number of children in today’s society that are diagnosed with mental illness, especially that of bipolar disorder, does not seem to come as much of a surprise to anyone. Yet, why is this? Is the recent over-diagnosis due in part to fault within the definition of what pediatric bipolar disorder actually is? Many believe this to be the case; while others support the notion that bipolar disorder is not over diagnosed and the recent prevalence of the disorder is the result of increased awareness on the part of health professionals along with an increase in the number of children who are more readily succumbing to such a disorder. To admit to an over diagnosis should not be seen as a denial of the disease itself, but rather, the different clinical presentations of the disorder should be seen as an inconsistency among practitioners. This discrepancy results in the acknowledgment of more cases than actually exists; an admission of this over-diagnosis would be seen merely as a flaw within the ability of practitioners to reach a consensus. Such a flaw manifests itself in the over diagnosis of the disorder, which is something that, for the sake of the client as well as the field as a whole, should not be overlooked. It is common for people to fear that of which they do not know; unfortunately, problems arise when this universal lack of knowledge manifests itself in the uncertainty surrounding children who need appropriate direction. Bipolar disorder can
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