What Are Consumers Buying? Cars, Food, And Stuff For Their Home

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Article 7
Title of the Article: What are consumers buying? Cars, food, and stuff for their home
Authors First and Last name: Paul R. La Monica
Keywords/ Search terms: Consumer demand, consumer preferences, sales, consumer spending, consumer purchases, consumer salary, retail, news
Summary: According to government officials, retail sales have significantly risen over the past month, which is a positive sign for the economy. When gas prices dropped, economist, expected a higher amount of sales, instead people chose to pay off debt and save extra money in their savings account. Due to the previous 2001 recession, people have lost confidence, and are choosing to save money over spending it. However, some of the things they continue to purchase include cars, everyday necessities for their homes, electronics and gas. Instead of things that aren 't necessities such as family vacations. An example of this behavior includes spending money on cars for transportation, food, and home products, and instead of expensive fancy dinners they are choosing to go for drinks or other inexpensive activities.
Question about the economy after reading the article: Is the lack of spending due to fear of the recession repeating itself? Or could the reason people are spending less money be due to not having enough funds? Since prices have risen post 9/11.

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Title of the Article: Ready or Not, Christmas Shopping…
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