What Are Cosmetic Surgery?

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On the other hand, cosmetic surgery can help certain individuals look younger, so they can have more opportunities throughout their lives. Those who believe they do not meet the standards of beauty can many times risk job discrimination and have mediocre relationships (Griswold and Driscoll 2). Procedures will help those whose income depends on keeping a specific look (Hilton 44). Some careers depend on physical appearance in order to make a living (Beggan). In certain workplaces, meeting beauty standards is extremely important. Occupations such as a model, actor or any job that requires being in front of a camera, or even merchandising beauty products demands a perfect body and face. However, even careers that are not as prestigious seem…show more content…
Research has shown that there is a 'halo effect ' in the corporate world when it comes to job interviews. The effect can often sway the interviewer 's decision (Griswold and Driscoll 2). In the 'halo effect, ' those that are more attractive or younger looking often get chosen for the job because they are recognized to be more knowledgeable and have more social skills (Griswold and Driscoll 2). Many people think that having a cosmetic procedure done can help get and keep a job (Beggan). Seventy-three percent of women believe that beauty is an important role in the job world, especially during rough times in the economy. In fact, thirteen percent of women say they have considered going under the knife in order to help further their careers and three percent of women say they have already had cosmetic surgery in the hopes of guaranteeing their spot in their workplace. Another way that cosmetic surgery could help in a person’s life, is through their relationships (Griswold and Driscoll 2). Many times, people are judged based on their looks and first impressions. Because of this, cosmetic surgery is often necessary. Studies have shown that people tend to pursue a relationship based on how appealing the other person is, or how beautiful they make themselves to be (Griswold and Driscoll 2). It is in human nature to pursue an attractive person in order to continue the human race. Of course, inner beauty is also important in a relationship, but the fact is, looks
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