What Are Creative Industries?

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What are Creative Industries? Within the creative industry, websites and social networking have become a huge aspect of peoples online lives and is relied upon to keep in touch with friends, relatives and colleagues. Social networking in particular today has become one of the main means of communication and is used all over the world. Throughout this report I will be talking about the new and the old social networking sites, where the old went wrong and what the current did to keep going. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social networking sites which are popular amongst celebrities and industries across the world, where as sites such as Bebo were forced to either sell or shut down in 2010. This report is will specify…show more content…
A huge advantage to both of these social networking sites is new and currently businesses wanting to become more recognized. It has been proved that the higher the current popularity, the bigger the future popularity will be as more and more people are joining. As of the 3rd October 2013, there are over 500 million people who use Facebook and Twitter. Below is a graph which shows the average amount of users who log in daily and how many log in from a mobile device. It is proven that Facebook and Twitter allowed themselves to have a large audience. Their audience is popular amongst students, parents, freelancers, business owners and for Facebook, the elderly also. Bebos downfall was their lack of expanding on their audience which then failed them to get sponsorship to continue running the site. From others experience, Bebo was a site for early teens which was used mainly for its apps. The graph below shows the changes in market share from 2008-2013 where Facebook has dropped by 3% in the last year to 57.13% but still in the lead, shortly followed by Youtube at 24.80% and Twitter at 1.72%. Traditionally, search engines such as Google once produced a higher percentage of traffic and revenue however social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are gaining share and growing faster than the rate of popular search engines. Facebook Facebook begin in 2004 in
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