What Are Croc's Core Competencies?

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My fellow students and I were asked to answer four questions related to the Stanford Graduate School of Business Case: GS-57. The Case title “CROCS (A): REVOLUTIONIZING AN INDUSTRY’S SUPPLY CHAIN MODEL FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE” presents how the Crocs Company changed the footwear industry. The following is the questions and answers relative to this assignment. 1. What are Croc’s core competencies? Investopedia defines core competencies as “the main strengths or strategic advantages of a business.” Furthermore Investopedia describes core competencies as “the combination of pooled knowledge and technical capacities allowing a business to be competitive in the marketplace.” (Investopedia 2014). Considering these definitions, the following are Croc’s core competencies: • owning the proprietary inexpensive resin “croslite”, giving crocs their unique properties including unmatched comfort; • vertically integrated compounding, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution; • ability to partner with universities, Disney, etc.; • global high-growth business model; • global brand recognition, presence and strength; • brand extensions; • flexible, retailer focused supply chain system enabling Crocs to support a boarder retail base than competitors; • global planning capabilities and ability to assess or forecast global demand; • global production capacity; • and innovation. 2. How should Crocs exploit these competencies in the future? Make a clear analysis of options,

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