What Are Cybersecurity Important Today?

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Cybersecurity is one of the most important topics in business today; It is something that must be accounted for by all businesses, large or small, due to its ability to disrupt or even paralyze all business functions. What vulnerability and threats are drawing the most attention today? Why? What changes have occurred in Cybersecurity during the past decade or so? What protective and preventative measures are available today? How well do they work? What are their limitations? Who are the hostile “bad actors” today? Does this represent a change? What are potential motivations of the “bad actors”? What advice would you give businesses regarding these threats and protecting against them? What advice would you give individuals regarding these threats…show more content…
A part of this discussion deals with necessary funding for confronting developing treats. Throughout the past decade, cybersecurity budgets and standards have been upgraded to deal with past incidents of developed attacks and the future threats they impose. In addressing this issue, cybersecurity has been the attention of major investments and budget allocations to support both research and its defense fields. For example, North America’s planned IT budget for cyber security was 7.75% in 2006 (Davis) growing tremendously by 2016 and allocating a 35 percent increase from US President’s Fiscal Year investment in overall Federal resources for cybersecurity (The White House). Additionally, in 2012, global defense organizations planned and increased their cybersecurity budgets by 6% over the next year (Defense). These actions are mainly provisions to encounter new vulnerabilities based on previous incidences. Powerful attacks proved vulnerabilities of industrial sized systems and thus showing leads to new forms of local and global terrorism. For example, Stuxnet was a “game changer”, being a first of its kind cyber-attack infecting industrial scaled systems by using sophisticated malware used to exploit machines (Langill). States have placed numerous safeguards to ensure more security in dealing with threats of this nature. In another example, the stealing of 5.6 million user biometric fingerprints created a lifelong identity theft problem which was addressed by the Office of Personnel Management. This has caused behavior analytics to develop standards in determining and protecting your identity (OPM). Overall, the time, energy, and resources allocated for cybersecurity is in proportion to the needs and the seriousness of the threats and as technology advances and the ability to cause damage intensifies, we can forecast a growth in cybersecurity investments for both
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