What Are Database Management?

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What is Database Management In the new age of business it has become a must to keep up with its always-upgraded systems and technology. If a Business has useful information about the needs of clients within its market, it can design a better way of marketing its product and earn a larger market share. If a business knows what their competition is doing, the business can then develop a strategy around its competitors to meet or better their competitors, which helps that business with the information on its competitor gain a competitive advantage. If that business has the inside information about its current customers, it can help that company build a personal relationship with it customers and influence their perception of the company and…show more content…
At this point the data should be reliable and have little to no mistakes within it and as like everything else in business there is a deadline for when the data should be distributed. Continuously improving data accuracy can increase the trust of a business. This can be done by identifying and outliers of data that seems a bit off, and continuously cleansing and monitoring quality over time no matter how big and what format the file is in. ETL (extract transform load) tools can help de dupe, validate, standardized things such as addresses and company name, and enrich your data. By doing these things it helps you create clean high quality data for your own use or to sell. External references are used to do all this data hygiene to perform things like cleaning up postal records or even having the right business name. The data at the end of the process should not only be reliable but should fit the client’s needs and the needs of the data users such as data engineers. This data typically has ID’s associated with it to make it easier to manipulate and allow for other engineer’s easy use with such data in specific tools such as red point an ETL (Extract Transform Load) Acquiring the Data After planning on what data is needed a company must come up with a method of acquiring the data. Collecting new data, converting or transforming data that
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