What Are De-Icing Salts?

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Every time when a road is covered in ice or snow, tons of de-icing salts are deposited on the roads to make them more accessible for vehicles. The de-icing salts are especially used in urban areas around the world, because that is where most of the people will benefit. These de-icing salts can be harmful for nature and it has concerned scientists for years (Hawkins 1971). There are lots of different forms of de-icing salt of which sodium chloride (NaCl) is the most common one (Ramakrishna and Viraraghaven 2005). The chloride components damage building structures and environments (Robidoux and Delisle 2001). Therefor new de-icing components were developed such as urea, CMA and CH3CO2K, but those have a higher price tag (Akbar et al. 2006,
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