What Are Denise Taylor's Initiatives?

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Denise Taylor hails from the borough of Brooklyn, where she began to peruse her lifelong devotion to community service. While at the Brownsville Recreation Community Center Denise engaged in After School activities with the youth. Currently, as a director for the Todt Hill Community Center; Denise introduced some of these activities to the youth. She began to cultivate her leadership skills by coaching softball at BRCC as a teenager and has continued to further expand these skills in her career.
In 1989, Denise joined the Police Department and has served ten years on the force. During her tenure with the police department, she partnered with various community schools located in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and East New York. Through these partnerships she has impacted over fifteen communities throughout New York City. Denise has brought community policing programs to over 25,000 youth during her time as a community police officer.
Later, she retired from the police department and took the position of a Coordinator at the JCC Gerard Carter Center where she worked for years changing activities over 300 times to suit the needs of the community. After accepting the position Director at the JCC Cornerstone Todt Hill, she would go on to impact even more young people
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To put that in perspective that is enough to fill up the Citi Field, or completely fill both Madison Square and the Barclays Center. When Denise was interviewed by a member of the community regarding her efforts with youth in After School, the word leadership was mentioned over 100 times; her leadership and guidance are always evident in her staff first and the youth second. The way she leads by example, has given staff under her supervision the tools to go on and further themselves by completing higher learning goals, becoming licensed professionals and going on to become supervisors
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