What Are Eating Disorders?

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What are eating disorders? The eating disorders anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating, and their variants, all feature serious disturbances in eating behavior and weight regulation (Eating Disorders: About More Than Food, 2014). Many eating disorders are associated with different types of psychological, physical, and social consequences. An individual with an eating disorder may start out with a simple diet or cutting back on their intake of food, but at some point, there is an urge to eat less. With the way the social media is set up, we have an idea of how we are supposed to look and it is simply not the correct way. It sends out a message that everyone is supposed to be sizes two when everyone is not build that way.…show more content…
When people with eating disorders look in the mirror they someone totally different from what we see. They see someone who is overweight and they feel that person needs to lose weight. They take a simple act like eating food and turn it into an obsession. A person who has anorexia nervosa will weight themselves over and over again, portion food cautiously, and eat small quantities of certain foods. People with anorexia nervosa may engage in binge eating followed by extreme dieting, excessive exercise, self-induced vomiting, or misuse of laxatives, diuretics, or enemas (Eating Disorders: About More Than Food, 2014). Anorexia nervosa symptoms would include the following very low body weight, severe food restriction, intense fear of weight gain, denial of low body weight, and distorted view of body image; these are all signs of anorexia nervosa. Men and women with bulimia nervosa have recurring and frequent occurrences of eating unusually large amounts of food and feel a nonexistence of control over these occurrences. This behavior is followed by binge eating that compensates for the overeating such as forced vomiting or excessive use of diary laxatives. With anorexia nervosa, people will look sickly but people with bulimia nervosa they usually maintain what are considered a healthy weght. With all eating disorders, they fear weight gain and want to lose it in any way
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