What Are Eating Habits?

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Eating Habits Today’s life is more concerns about health and how our bodies get affected by different types of food that we are eating. The way we eat is showing and explains how our health is either healthy or not, it does sound and seem psychologically true that our feelings and things around as of daily basis as a routine that shape who we are. As an example of eating habit, some of us see food as a comfort while others look at food as nutrition that our bodies needs in order for our organs to grow up and build up muscles or to be in healthy bodies away from obesity. These different perspectives called eating behavior which is the way we eat our food. There are two kinds of food behavior; hedonic and homeostatic eating behavior. Homeostatic eating is when recognizes food as fuel; this means eating to live, which is good and maintaining body weight. Then, the other behavior is hedonic, which is the type that turns food as pleasure and comfort; this is the type of life in which we should be eating , which is not good as of healthy way of eating causing overweight beside others diseases caused by obesities. Additionally, the different from culture to another, including the differences on food types depends of those areas; it does effects our eating behavior. For example, in the Middle East people eat with hands resulting of a mouthful portion which is a big size of intake at the time, bigger than here in the U.S. where everybody eats with a fork which is a lot smaller than
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