What Are Elder Abuse?

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1. What is elder abuse? Elder abuse is an act or a lack of action that results in harm, physical pain, impairement or loss in an older person. Abuse can take many forms such as withholding food, water, care, medication and shelter, isolating and restraining the elderly without medical reasons, it can also be intentional or unintentional neglect. 2. What are the recognized types of elder abuse? a. Physical abuse – use of intentional force that cause pain, injury or impairement in the elderly. It includes but not limited to violence such as beating, striking, slapping, pushing, kicking and pinching. It also includes inappropriate use of drugs and restraints. Signs of possible physical abuse – unexplained bruises, fractures, wounds, lacerations, untreated injuries, signs of being restrained such as rope or marks on the wrists, ankles, torso, an elder’s report of being mistreated, sudden change in elderly’s behavior, and laboratory results indicating overdosing of drugs or underdosing of prescribed medications. b. Emotional abuse – is a type of abuse that cause psychological or emotional pain, anxiety, or distress. It can be verbal such as yelling, threatening, humiliating and constantly blaming an elderly adult. Nonverbal can be actions such as isolating the elderly from friends, families, health professionals or activities, ignoring their needs and instilling fear or terrorizing an individual. Treating an older person like a baby or a child is also a form of psychological

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