What Are Ethical Dilemma

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TYPES OF ETHICAL DILEMMAS This concept was taken from module 7"ethical dilemmas", sub topic 1" understanding ethical dilemmas". Ethical dilemmas are situations in which there is a choice to be made between two options, both of which are morally correct but other options are in conflict. Choosing one of the option will result in transgressing against the other. Ethical dilemmas are also known as moral dilemmas and it should be known that neither of the choices which presents itself in this situation can resolve the situation in an ethically acceptable way. Nurses are faced with ethical dilemmas daily in different areas of practice. The bad thing about such situations are that whatever decision you decide to take is neither right nor wrong and…show more content…
Do she render preferential treatment and administer care to the high social class patient using the best resources or she treats them equally? EMPIRICAL KNOWLEDGE VERSUS PERSONAL BELIEF: In these dilemmas, research based knowledge in nursing practice is contrasted to beliefs gained from such things as religious beliefs. For example, what should a nurse do when a patient is admitted to the hospital that desperately needs a transfusion to live but has the belief that transfusions are unacceptable? The nurse knows this patient will die without the transfusion. How does that nurse empathize with the patient’s family who supports the family member’s choice and still be supportive of the patient’s and family’s right to this decision? There are also dilemma of confidentiality where you are confused as to keep patient's information private and risk causing harm to others or disclose patient's information and save the lives of others. There are also dilemma of non-maleficence which involves avoiding harm and also the dilemma of fidelity which involves faithfulness and honoring promises made to patients even when you have lots of other patients to attend to and keeping the promise seems impossible. PERSONAL

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