What Are Ethical Implications?

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1.- "Black Community Rebels in Cincinnati" • What are the ethical implications? “Due to the death of Thomas by officer Steven Roach, there was rioting for four days by the people in Cincinnati. Due to the officer shooting Thomas without trying to handcuff him first, shows that the officer didn’t use proper ethics to subdue him.” (Ritscher pg. 2) • How was the outcome? Steven Roach on April 7, 2001 (Souder, 2012). Two off duty officers spotted Mr. Thomas who began to run from the officers and led them on a foot chase. Once Thomas began to run, there were multiple officers chasing him. Thomas was spotted running from the other officers by Officer Steven Roach, who at the time was in his patrol car. Officer Steven Roach exited his cruiser to chase Thomas on foot. Both Officer Steven Roach and Thomas came face to face in a dark alley when a shot was fired that hit Thomas in the chest from the fire arm of Steven Roach (Souder, 2012). • What were the long-term implications for the officer and his or her department? The officer’s actions created major issues for the community. According to the text, after the appearance in City Hall was unsuccessful, the group then turned into “about 1000 protestors who marched to a nearby police headquarter, and around midnight police in riot gear fired tear gas and metal pellet filled bean bag ammunition from the headquarters’ entrance.” (Ritscher pg 2). • 2.-"Excessive Force Case at High Court" What are the ethical implications?
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