What Are Ethics? The Core Values?

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INTRODUCTION TELTOK is a UK based leading telecoms services and solutions provider dealing with consumer and cooperate clients to provide the best experience in Telecommunications. Teltok began its journey as a small start-up venture undertaken by two students fresh out of university. Teltok was established in 1976 and is governed by OFCOM of the UK. Our technology allows us to analyse sensitive data and information, and due to the sensitivity of this information we must ensure that we instil core values into our business, and people. The core values we wish to provide our people, amongst others, must be those which deliver and provide our team to be driven to make the right decision, the most ethical decision, and by doing so we will uphold our reputation and allow our stakeholders to reap the benefits of their investment, through growth and capital return. Our core Values What are Ethics? Ethics are the moral principles and values that must be embedded in each individual of our business, allowing them to see the right and wrong in a situation, and choosing the right action to take in accordance with the company’s values. By setting out such rules through multiple training avenues (such as written modules, training webinars, and knowledge centre modules) we can offer rewards when correct decisions are made, and punishments when broken. Our code of ethics contains just 10 short rules of ethical conduct that all employees must follow. The overview to the Teltok code of

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