What Are Fossil Fuels?

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Starting small I wanted to explain what fossil fuels are exactly. Also how they are non- renewable, meaning that they indeed will run out one day, and there is no way how to replenish the supply after it is gone. Fossil fuels are natural fuels such as coal or gas, these fuels formed in the geological past from the remains of microscopic plants and ancient animals like dinosaurs that lived and died millions of years ago. The plants and animals or (diatoms) absorbed energy that came from the biggest star in our universe, this star is the sun. Energy from the sun transferred over and was stored into carbon molecules in the bodies of the plants and animals. As millions of years passed by, the dead bodies of the plants and animals were covered by thick layers of bacteria. The bacterial layers formed new plants from the remains of microscopic plants and animals to make organic materials. The deeper they were inside the earth the more pressure and heat began to rise and depending on the amount of pressure and heat formed these different fossil fuels. The fossil fuels that were formed unfortunately were only a finite amount. Because there is only a finite amount there will not be any more of these fuels after all are used. It is controversial to society because we run our everyday life with a dependence on fossil fuels. Coal is one of the fossil fuels used by Americans every day. “Coal is a combustible black or brownish- black sedimentary rock composed mostly of carbon and
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