What Are Gender Appropriate Activities For A Five Year Old Boy?

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What are gender appropriate activities for a five year old boy? Is it okay for him to play house and care for baby dolls, or must he only play with matchbox cars and tonka trucks? Children raised by an opposite-sex parent, with an opposite-sex sibling, will be more likely to engage in gender specific play of their sibling. I performed a qualitative study, observing a little boy in different settings while playing. In one setting, the boy was provided with toy cars and trucks, along with a tea set, with no other children present. The toys were presented to him separately. In the second observation, the boy was outdoors, in the presence of two little girls, doing gymnastics, cheerleading tumbles, and cartwheels for a length of time. He was later joined by another male child, playing with Transformers. My determination was to prove that a child raised by a mother, with only a female sibling, would engage in the sibling 's gender specific play. In two separate observations, my objective results did not prove my thesis to be true. In the graph below, the results are shown to be quite inconclusive. I found that the child almost equally engages in both male and female play activities. Both settings were normal everyday settings for the boy. Based on these particular findings, there need to be further observations to prove this argument to be true. However, other studies have shown that children, in fact, do assimilate their play activities with the gender specific play

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