What Are Gender Roles?

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Summer Evans Essay 4 Prof. LaTour Eng. 101 Specific Gender Roles What are gender roles? Gender roles are those that are portrayed by a certain gender identity. In other words, a male and/or female should act and dress as if their gender is supposed to as seen by society. Guys will wear shorts and a T-shirt while girls will wear dresses and skirts; that is just how society sees an individual. Men and women’s gender roles reflect on what others will think in today’s society. Society sees men and women playing their own role. We expect a woman to do things like cook, clean, and do laundry while we expect the men to work all day and earn the money that we as women spend. We are born with a specific gender, as we get older we start to…show more content…
Society stereotypes gender roles, but believe that these specific roles do not reflect on how society today sees us. Society will judge and stereotype every little thing done in this world; it does not matter what gender role you are playing or what gender identity is presented. A quote in the text states, “People use femininity or masculinity to claim and communicate their membership in their assigned, or chosen, sex or gender. Others recognize our sex or gender more on the basis of these characteristics than on the basis of sex characteristics, which are usually largely covered by clothing in daily life” (Devor 475). In other words, this author is trying to say that it does not matter what a person looks like under or on top of their clothes. Society sees a person and treats them how they want to be treated and how they present themselves and their characteristics. Gender roles are over stereotyped. Society for example, believes women should be stay at home mothers while men should go out and work all day. Women should remain clean while men go out and get their hands dirty. In the text, ‘True women and real mean- myths of gender’, the author writes, “European colonists to America adhered to a patriarchal culture- one in which men were dominant: ancestry was traced through the male line, and men were the explorers, traders, and leaders of the colonies. Women were subservient first to their fathers and then to their
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