What Are Good Industrial Relations?

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Running Head: What are "Good" Industrial Relations? Introduction: Industrial Relations Industrial relations refer to the employment relationships in an organization. These are commonly known as employment relations in the business world. Industrial relations deal with all kinds of human resource management policies and practices within an organization, including recruitment and selection, organizational culture, employee attitude, organizational behavior, cultural diversity management, union relations, wages and salary structures, union bargaining, attitude of Management towards organizational employees, and compliance with national and corporate wide labor laws and regulations (Bendix, 2000). Depending upon the different attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of employees and their unions at the workplace, the actions of the Management, and the behavior of the Government; the researchers have divided the industrial relations into three different categories. These categories of industrial or employment relations include Unitarism, Pluralism, and Radicalism. All these fundamental tenets of industrial relations are based on employee welfare policies, ethical considerations, and resolution of all types of problems related to industrial relations (Cornelius, 2001). This paper critically analyzes these industrial relations perspectives in order to explain their pros and cons and identify their corresponding criteria for assessing the worth of employee relations. Analysis of
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