What Are Hazing and Stockholm Syndrome?

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Literature Review Hazing has been a long time issue that dates back to Plato and Martin Luther. There are many forms to the act, and all have been recognized. However, what about the effects that hazing has mentally on these young adults? The question I would like to pose is: How do the effects of hazing compare to Stockholm syndrome? Let us first describe what both hazing and Stockholm syndrome is so that the effects can be better understood. Hazing is the imposition of strenuous, often humiliating, tasks as part of a program of rigorous physical training and initiation or forcing someone to do humiliating and sometimes dangerous initiation rituals, especially as imposed on college students seeking membership to a fraternity or…show more content…
The acts of hazing that I have heard and read about are absolutely appalling. They range from breast ranking, circling “problem areas” on bodies, forcing them to strip down and provocatively dance in front of fraternity men, or making them chose between using hard drugs or using a sex toy in front of their potential new sisters. In no way does it make sense that young women can love their hazers so much, yet it happens again and again every year. A shocking statistic found in Shelly Campo, Gretchen Poulos, and John Sipple’s study entitled: “Prevalence and Profiling: Hazing Among College Students and Points of Intervention” was that becoming Greek at the particular university put one at roughly a 40% chance at being hazed and that one is about 23% likely to then becoming a hazer. In this study, they also found that more Greek students indicated hazing has “fun” than their non-Greek fellow students. In this study, they sent an on-line survey to two thousand undergraduate students, where 736 students completed it to receive their final findings. In this study, they looked at positive team building activities verses negative ones. Having their participants do an on-line survey was the best method to get results. However, there was no reward for completing the survey and there were no reminder emails asking them to take the survey. This could have helped them to have a better turn out and receive a better understanding of the sample population of the

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