What Are High School Sports Good For Kids?

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High school sports tend to play a principle role in Americans society with over a million adolescents taking course from the veriety of school years.But more or less the question wether High school sport programs are beneficial or not still remain unclear but after reading the following articles. It is evident that they are not beneficial. One of these reasons may be dude to the fact that they cause a define downfall amongst the education of said youth. According to the source "Are High-School Sports Good for Kids?" Taking role in sports lays a over emphasis that drives away the teen from what really is important. Education. The participitations year round along with the harships that one must face adds a significant amont of preassure upon…show more content…
"What in the name of High School Football" by Hank Hill says that sports seem to be taking over other special departments. There is a great amount of scandal heard through local Television, yet the other programs receive no kind of treatment for that matter and events like auditions that took place for the "All Capes and Island" music festival in "Marthas Vineyard Regional" High school. Unfortunately all costs are spent on the sports programs more than anything else. The Drama department is left without decent equipment, Advanced English Seminars had to be compressed into one class because 26,000 dollars were easily vaporized on Sport Programs needs. They shouldn't be placed for such center of attention, in fact. They are probably the most dangerous department yet. Many injuries and serious accidents can happen during one of their games that may even lead to permanent damage. They should be spending money on something that is more safer and has a less chance of getting someone…show more content…
The second source states that students who participate in sport programs are more than likely to gain a good amount of "Sportsmanship" because most High School sports are recognized for their "Potentional Educational Benefits. The National Federation of State Highschool Activity Association promotes this to gain better chances of the youth having a more positive outcome as well as expanding their horizons of educational oppurtunities.bBut there are more things to depend on for education just than sports like "Have Sports Teams Brought Down Americas Schools?" by Elizabeth Kolbert stated, American high schools spend more time wasting money on sports than on more significant subjects such as Math or Language
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