What Are Kerrie's Challenges

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Summary of Kerrie’s Challenge: Leading an Unpopular Change Kerrie Peterson, was a General Manager, in the lending business unit for Access. Access, is a fortune 100 company in the financial service industry. Kerrie’s, department provides lending products, e.g., credit cards, loans, equipment leases, and financial services to small and medium size companies. Over the last three years the company had positive profit and revenue growth due to the economic increase in the Clinton era. In June 2000, Access, called a “financial review planning session” Access, projected that there will be a decrease in revenues. CEO Tom Wilkes, ordered General Managers, to cut operating cost. Kerri, agreed to cut her operating cost down to 15%. Access, goal was to be able to report a profit by the end of the year 2000. Kerrie, was pleased with her success and accomplishments in the financial market field over the years. Kerrie, remembered in her early years when she first became a General…show more content…
Personal relationships that were developed are also hindering Kerrie’s strong leadership ability. Kerrie appoints people who supports her plan to achieve the organization’s goals, oppose to those who challenges her plan and have the skills to meet the organization’s goals. Kerrie appointed Peter to do “special jobs” simply because Peter supported her plan, not because he had the skills to achieve the company’s goal. Sam, who had the skills and experience to reach the organization’s was being overlooked. Kerrie, should have followed Mary Parker Follett’s theory, obey the law of the situation, do not rely on power of someone else or something else ( Lester & Pernell, 2016, p.10) Kerrie allowed her pride, personal interest, and personal relationships hinder her leadership quality. Kerrie, wanted the support of her employees and she wanted to do a good job, but for her best interest and not the interest of the
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