What Are Lewis And Gossett's Attitude Change In Gay Marriage?

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Lewis and Gossett’s central idea lies on the opinion of the individual with respect to the changes that may occur in an environment. In order to determine the relevance of partisanship in regards to attitude changes in gay marriage, the authors discussed a survey that shows the impact of ideology and perception of gays. Their findings suggest “net change is also 18 points larger for Democrats than Republicans, and 16 points higher for liberals than conservatives”. The results show a positive correlation between asymmetric polarization towards liberal values and a positive attitude towards same-sex marriage. Consequently, the study supported the idea that polarization regarding partisanship leaning away from social conservatism catalyzed positive attitude changes towards gay marriage.…show more content…
The traditional white man is no longer the only person involved in creating legislation. Specifically, “California also has several gay and lesbian legislators who have taken key roles in moving domestic partnership and marriage legislation forward”(Lewis and Gossett). The inclusion of gay political figures is a huge advantage for LGBTQ supporters in their efforts to legalize gay marriage across the United States. Traditional heterosexual roles now including homosexuals can drive the public’s opinion to accept them and their entitlement same-sex marriage if they choose
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