What Are Lyrics Of Common Hip-Hop Music Affecting Young Children?

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"Follow me and do exactly what the song says, smoke weed, take pills, drop out of school, kill people, drink, and jump behind the wheel like it was still legal”. ("Eminem – Role Model." Genius. N.P., n.d. Web. 02 Mar. 2016). These influential words were sung in a single released by Hip-Hop singer/songwriter Eminem. For an artist who has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Is it safe to say individuals of all ages must have heard portions of his work, including the youth. The music history have promoting negativity all over the years. The music is highly popular and influential to minors in this day and age. The music is known as one other than Hip-Hop. Lyrics of common Hip-Hop artists impacting young children due to the promotion of violence,…show more content…
Study made by post-gazette researcher Carolyn West states that Hip-Hop music wrongfully identifies women in five sexual personas (West 2). Diva, single women who gives sexual needs for basic favors; Freak, a sexual powerhouse; Gangster, a "tough" girl; and Baby Mama, a child's needy mother. Such wrongful accusations influence children to define women as an animal. Songwriter Kanye West even released a song titled "Gold Digger" in which he is questioning whether a certain woman is a "Gold Digger" or not (Wilson 47). Such music can influence the youth to define women as an animal, or even influence some to mimic the unique language/personas. Wrongfully categorizing women is not the only sexual related effect of Hip-Hop music. Large amounts of homophobic slurs are used in the music as well. Hip-Hop has a common history of using homophobic terms and is often times described as the most homophobic genre of music. Much of its music contains gay-bashing lyrics and a constant use of the highly offensive word "faggot." Songwriter Eminem released a song titled "Criminal" which caused large amounts of controversy due to its numerous references to his homophobic nature. The song contained the lyrics "Pants or dress, hate fags? The answers yes" (Odom 7). Should the upcoming leaders of this nation listen such music that contains so much nonsense? Do we want the youth to be influenced into…show more content…
Many Hip-Hop lyrics contain swear words. The words can be offensive, harmful, or just common swear words. The hearing of these swear words are enough for them to be added to a minor’s vocabulary. Explicit language can get the child in trouble all through his school life, stir up negative views of the child, and become a harmful habit that can damage the child's future. Swear words are often viewed as a lack of vocabulary. When constantly used, this may negativity affect your social skills. They may offend people they just met, provoke others they do not know, and hurt their chances of being hired for a job or career. Children often mimic what they see or hear, so when large amounts of Hip-Hop music contain swear words that are not allowed on the radio are barely censored. You can almost hear the full swear word when it is censored which makes it fairly easy for the youth to adopt the many explicit words into their everyday vocabulary. We want a future where children’s are learning proper language and impacting the world in a positive

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