What Are Menendez's Actions Well-Courageous And Justified?

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3.) I believe that Menendez’s actions are well courageous and justified. At the time, Menendez didn’t know what to expect out of the reaction of Halliburton. However, Halliburton didn’t take the whole whistle blow action by Menendez well, and went on to retaliate against him by exposing his identity which shouldn’t had occurred. Knowing that he was at its best ethical behavior, Menendez went on to expose the violation of the section 301 to the SEC after waiting for Halliburton to respond about the policies that didn’t connect with the proper accounting rules of GAAP. Although the company’s revenue hadn’t change, the fraud had a high possibility from occurring in the future if the whistleblow hadn’t occur. After revealing the inappropriate policies
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