What Are Military Ethics?

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Discussion 1. What are military ethics? Military ethics can mean a wide range of things. It can encompass all aspects of military conduct, from writing performance reviews on subordinates, to relations of military personnel with their civilian leaders, to issues related to war (Encyclopedia.com 2017). However this reflection paper will espouse on the essential characteristics of leadership choices, higher standard for military personnel, and behavioral traits that must be imparted to our members rather than strict ordered obedience. It is my appreciation that little can be done to properly pre-screen a precise model of character or the moral fortitude that lives up to a set minimum of standards. To this effect military members will at…show more content…
As we progress thru our military careers these stages then becomes a quest for moral development and should be undertaken by those cognizant of its stages, aware of its implications, and respectful of our collective inherited military legacy. 2. Should those who serve in the military be held to a higher moral standard than their civilian counterparts – and if so, why? There will always be and individual inner struggle between self-interest and altruism in any facet of life. If we relate this to moral standards each military member can have a varied array of values that are congruent to either ethical egoism or in contrast ethical altruism. Ethical egoism holds that actions will benefit the doer whereas ethical altruism holds that moral agents have an obligation to help others (Ridgely 2008). This distinction is important because we can attempt explain rational behavior that can predict how an organization will succumb or flourish to external pressures and psychological reinforcements. Nobel Prize winner Herbert A. Simon proposed as an idea of good enough “Satisficing” a term that combines satisfy and suffice. This is based on Bounded Rationality which is an idea that when individuals make decisions, they are limited by mental constraints of processing information and calculating capacity. Our disposition and/or desires can be overwhelmed by external factors that we
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