What Are Mismatched Friendships In Of Mice And Men

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re are many similarities between the film Shrek and the novela Of Mice and Men. Three categories that I have examples for are, mismatched friendships, antagonists, and the role of women. The first category is mismatched friendships. In Shrek, Donkey tags around with Shrek like Lennie tags around with George in Of Mice and Men. Also they both have their bad moments in each story. In Shrek, Donkey and Shrek are fighting and arguing all the time, but they still have good, friendly moments, such as the one when they were laying on the ground looking at the stars and constellations together. Also another example when he tells him not to come near his house, and he ends up letting him sleep on the doorstep, and then inside. In Of Mice and Men, Lennie and George are usually nice to each other, but sometimes when Lennie does something dumb or screws up, George will get frustrated and tell him he wishes he would go away, or that he wasn’t there with him, then he wouldn’t have to take care of him and that he could have an easier life. An example is on page 13, when George says to Lennie, “ No, look! I was just foolin Lennie, cause I do want you to stay with me!” George just got done yelling at Lennie and telling him how he wishes that sometimes he wouldn’t be with him so that he could go out and live a normal life and do things with his money, instead of getting in trouble, taking care of Lennie, and having to move all of the time. He felt bad after he did that, because Lennie

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