What Are Molecular Spectroscopy?

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Molecular spectroscopy allows us to identify molecules in locations that are not easily accessible, such as the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, interstellar clouds, and the atmospheres of other planets. In fact, it is the shape of a spectral line that provides a “window” to look deep inside the mechanism governing the absorption and emission of radiation and their interpretation. Besides identifying molecules, spectroscopic techniques can provide information on the physical properties of remote environments. This is the basis of spectroscopic remote sensing which is used often in atmospheric studies. Therefore, highly accurate spectral measurements of line-shapes can help us understand fundamental processes of molecular dynamics…show more content…
As the spectral resolution of planetary observations has improved, the spectroscopic parameters used to interpret these observations have also been required to improve. Normally, this necessitates the recording and analysis of high-quality laboratory spectra. Furthermore, these laboratory spectra should be obtained for gas temperature and pressure conditions as close as possible to those expected on the planet or satellite of interest. Precise spectral measurements of a line-shape can help us understand fundamental processes of molecular dynamics and in the interpretation of remote sounding data. In this research proposal, we propose to undertake a high resolution spectroscopic study of three atmospheric trace gases, namely methane, acetylene and carbon monoxide.
2. Spectroscopic Parameters of Methane for Atmospheric Composition Retrievals
2.1 Motivation & Research Objectives
It has been said that with continuously increasing human impact on the global climate and ozone layer, it is essential for researchers to make effort to find out the chemical and physical processes and the impact of these anthropogenic gas emissions. The main goal of this research is enhancing our understanding of climate change and atmosphere of the Earth and especially, the carbon cycle using spectroscopic study of methane (CH4). Methane is one of the important greenhouse
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